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Kitchen Heaven

Easily organize your recipes and plan your meals.
Kitchen Heaven allows you to quickly plan your meals using your own favorite recipes. Schedule each dish for your daily meals to complete your weekly meal plan. Automatically build your shopping list when you plan your meals. Your shopping list will include all the ingredients that you need to cook your scheduled dishes.
My Cookbook
Add your own recipes to your cookbook. You can easily search your cookbook by text, dish category (beef, beverage, chicken, …) and cooking method (boiled, fried, grilled, …) You can also sort your recipes by name or by your tagged favorite dishes, allowing you to quickly find the dish you need based on what you want to eat or how you want to cook it.
Meal Planner
After finding the dish you are looking for, you can schedule it for any meal of the day, even snack time! Switching to the Meal Planner you can view all your scheduled meals. You can also easily delete scheduled dishes if you change your mind.
Shopping List
As you schedule your dishes, you are shown the needed ingredients for the dish. You have an opportunity to deselect any you already have on hand. The other ingredients are automatically added to your Shopping List, where you can make sure you never forget to have everything on hand. From the Shopping List screen you can easily check off items as you are shopping. You can even sort the ingredients by name or date, to let you know which ingredients you need sooner. Adding items to the shopping list that are not part of a meal is as simple as a few key presses.

It’s not easy coming up with great ideas for dinner all the time. Use our quick and easy meal planner to plan ahead for weeks at a time.

Kitchen Heaven’s goal is to simplify your cooking life, make everything more organized and save you time and money.
Key Features
  • Store and manage your own recipes
  • Mark your favorite dishes to quickly find them later
  • Easily search your dishes by category and cooking method
  • Simply plan your family’s weekly meals with your favorite dishes
  • Automatically build your shopping list as your plan your meals
  • Shop smarter with your groceries list sorted by the date each item is needed
  • Enjoy seeing all your past and future meals to help your family eat better

Do you like cooking and creating your own recipes? Do you wish you had an easy way to sort and manage all your recipes? Are you often missing just one or two ingredients to cook your favorite dish?

Give Kitchen Heaven a try and see how it can save you time and money.

We hope you enjoy using Kitchen Heaven and look forward to hearing how it helps you cook smarter!
Kitchen Heaven User Guide
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