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Harvest Timer for ArcheAge

The easiest way to keep your farms running efficiently.
Farming in ArcheAge is great way to make money and level your professions. But to be successful you need to run your farms efficiently. Doing that means monitoring when your crops are ready to harvest and replanting them quickly. But how do you best keep track of potentially dozens of planted crops, trees and livestock?

This is why we created Harvest Timer for ArcheAge for iOS. Harvest Timer for ArcheAge is a great utility for tracking the time until harvest for your farms in ArcheAge. It has a very user friendly user interface that lets you easily add new timers, delete existing timers and modify currently running timers.

Harvest Timer helps you to figure out what seeds or saplings can grow in just a few hours, or overnight while you are offline. At a glance you can easily keep an eye on the growth of your crops while you are out leveling, PvP'ing or running trade packs. This also works well for those hidden farms you need to harvest immediately but can not check on for fear of their discovery.

When creating your timer you can also give it a name, such as "Small Farm" to show beside the item name, which will help you keep track where the item was planted. You can also adjust the timer based on planting the crop in it's ideal climate and if you water the crop after planting.
  • Familiar iOS user interface standards for adding and editing the list of timers.
  • Accurate timers that have been validated in-game, including fixes for items where the in-game tooltips are not 100% accurate.
  • Simple main screen to monitor all your timers at once.
  • Easily track items across multiple farms.
  • Ability to edit the name or time remaining for existing timers.
  • Local notifications of when your timer expires, which shows even if the app is not running.
  • Filter the displayed item when creating a new timer by type and length of maturity.
  • Automatically adjust item timers by ideal climate and if the item will be watered after planting.
  • Quickly delete timers using standard iOS swipe-to-delete gesture.
  • Compatible with iPhone 4/s, 5/c/s, 6/Plus

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